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Filler modification

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Filler has become increasingly important additives and modifiers for organic polymer which plays an important on cost down and improving product performance. The hydroxyl on filler surface is usually hydrophilic and incompatible with organic polymers. Alkoxysilane is used to treat mineral surface, the hydroxyl on mineral surface condenses with hydroxyl generated in silane hydrolization, the organic side on silane is outward to make it more compatible and dispersible which could improve coupling of resin and filler or even transfer the filler to a strengthen additives. Silane treatment could improve product processing property, mechanical property and durability;

  1. Increased bond between filler and polymer
  2. Improved impregnation performance of polymer
  3. Promoted dispersion in polymer
  4. Improved mechanical property
  5. Reduced viscosity of filler or polymer mix

Which tyle of silane should be used depends on the different characteristic of the silanes. All the alkoxysilanes will bond to filler or mineral surface easily. The PH value of filler surface and moisture could catalyse silane hydrolysis fully so there is no need for extra hydrolysis in the process of filler treating.

The following rules should be followed in the process of filler surface modification:
◇ If the silane treatment is designed to provide surface hydrophobicity, It is better to use the silanes with the similar hydrophobic group, such as methyl, decyl, octyl, dodecyl, hexadecyl or phenyl. Such as CY-8030CY-8831CY-1231CY-1631CY-7030 ect;
◇ If the silane treatment is designed to offer compatibility between polymer and filler, the nature of the organic groups should be similar with the chemical structure of polymers. CY-8831CY-1231CY-1631 are recommended to be used in polyolefin matrix.
◇ If the silane treatment is bond a filler to a polymer matrix, It is better to choose organo-reacitve silane, such as CY-570CY-560CY-550CY-792CY-171 ect.   

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