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Glass fiber reinforced

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The glass is very hydrophilic and attracts water to the interface which could weaken the bond between glass fibre and resin. Silane is essential component of glassfibre-reinforced polymers, which could improve bond property between glass fibre and resin. Silane coupling agent significantly increased strength, electrical property, water-resistant and weather resistance property of glassfibre-resinforced polymers. Even in wet status, silane coupling agents could also significantly improved mechanical property of polymers. Silane coupling agents are used on glass fibre for general purpose which covers 60% of total consumption.

By the different chemical structure of film forming resin, the general application silane coupling agent which are widely used in glass fiber include epoxy silane, amine silane and methacryloyl silane  CY-560CY-550、CY570.

Glass fibre treating agent includes film-forming agent, anstatic agent, surfactant, coupling agent water. Coupling agent covers 0.3%-2% of total glass fibre surfactant. First of all, Acidified water with organic acid to a certain PH value (amine silane is more alkalized after hydrolyzation without PH adjustment.), stir fully and adding silane until It is fully transparent, then add other components. For some insoluble silanes, some additives such as ethanol and isopropanol should be added. Please be attention that the stability of silane aqueous solution depends on the type and density of the silane couplings. It easily gets hydrolyzed, and part of silicon hydroxyl would condensate and form oxygen silicon chemical bonds. Therefore, It is better to use promptly after aqueous, and cannot store for a long time.

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