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Inorganic filler are widely used into adhesives to improve some properties of organic adhesive ( dry/wet adhesion property, mechanical property, storage stability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, and weather resistance) , or to reduce adhesive cost. If the filler is pre-treated by silane, the structural reaction between filler and resin could be greatly reduced, also could greatly improved compatibility and dispersion on adhesive matrix resin and significantly reduced viscosity, so as to optimize the consumption of fillers. However, the effect is varying with different fillers. It is effective on fillers with large amount of hydroxyl such as glass, silica and alumina. But will no effect on fillers without hydroxyl on surface, such as carbonate and graphite.

Widely used silanes in adhesive are CY-550CY-792CY-570CY-560CY-171CY-7030 ect

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