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Silane modification tends to a key technology in high performance paintings due to its unique ability to form covalent bond between inorganic and organic compounding and inner stability of silicon oxygen bonding; The application of silane coupling can effectively prevent the materials from the physical, chemical, environmental and heat-degradation properties.

Silane monomer as organic functional alkoxysilane could be widely used in painting as adhesion promoter, painting treating agent and cross-link agent.  Inorganic alkoxysilane could bond with varieties of organic functional groups to form covalent bond between organic polymers and inorganic surface ( such as dye, filler, glass and metal materials). All alkoxysilanes bond with inorganic filler surface are the same in nature, To optimize silane performance, the chemical nature of silane reactive functional group and hydrolyzable alkoxy functional group should be matched with organic polymer of painting or ink. Widely used silanes in painting and ink are CY-570CY-171CY-560CY-550CY-186 ect.
The merits of the paintings with silane coupling is follows:
  1. Promoted coating adhesion property;
  2. Promoted coating durability;
  3. Promoted coating weather resistance;
  4. Promoted coating tenacity;
  5. Significantly reduced dispersion viscosity of filler and painting;
  6. Promoted pigment dispersion;

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