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Because of the unique property, the silane coupling is widely used in plastic and rubber to improve the processing property.Silanes could be used as coupling and dispersing agents of fillers in plastics and rubber industries; In the synthesis of polypropylene, It can used as polymerization modifier to enhance isotacticity; In polyethylene of homopolymers and copolymers,  It is used as cross linking agent to increase cross linking points.

1. Rubber Compounding
Silane is widely used in organic rubber industry due to benefit of replacing carbon black by inorganic filler for reinforcement rubber. Compared with black carbon, carbon white and other inorganic filler reinforcement for rubber could offer unique physical and mechanical properties, silanes are necessary for non-black reinforcement fillers to be effective. The application of silane is a key factor for effective bond between inorganic filler and organic elastomer. Silane-coupled and mineral filled rubber products are used in Automobiles, tires, shoe soles, belts, flexible pipe and other mechanical products,
Widely used silanes in rubber are CY-590CY-550CY-560CY-171

2. Plastic compounding 
Application for manufacturing cross-linked polytene, cable insulation and Sheath material: In an extruder with peroxide and proper heat, the vinyl group will graft to the polyethylene backbone, yielding a silane-modified polyethylene that contains pendant trialkoxysilyl functionality. The grafted polyethylene can then be immediately crosslinked in the presence of a tin catalyst, moisture and heat to create a silane-cross-linked product. Widely used silanes in plastic compounding are CY-171CY-151CY-172
Silane-crosslinked polyethylene is used for electrical wire, cable insulation and jacketing where ease of processing, increased temperature –resistance, abrasion resistance, stress-crack resistance, improved low temperature properties and retention of electrical properties. Application for cold and hot water pipe where resistance to long-term pressure at elevated temperatures, natural gas pipe with good resistance to stress cracking, foam for insulation and packaging with greater resiliency and heat resistance.

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